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Truck Movement Inc is a non-asset based freight brokerage company founded in 2005.  We are located in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania near Johnstown and Somerset.

Truck Movement acts as a liaison between customers and motor carriers.  The service is one that will benefit both parties; customers are provided with quality carrier availability that they may not easily find themselves, and carriers are provided with new freight opportunities.

Truck Movement was established by Matthew Romesberg after working in the freight industry as an operations manager for several regional sized carriers.  He brings over 29 years of experience to the company.  Since the initial start of operations Truck Movement has expanded to 4 employees bringing the company over 80 combined years of experience in the transportation industry.

Truck Movement operates with mobility in mind and have the ability to work with customers and drivers on a 24 hour basis.  Truck Movement understands that the freight industry has fluctuating rates and we are flexible as these rates change.

All logistics information is managed using internet based Innovative Computing Software accessible to our agents in the office, on the road, or at home.  All data is stored redundantly in 2 location separate from our operations center to ensure data protection and availability.

Truck Movement has contracts with over 2100 licensed motor carrier companies and adds new carriers to the base every week.  All carriers are researched for safety, adequate insurance, length of business, and references.  We require all carriers to have Truck Movement listed as an insurance certificate holder.  Truck Movement prefers to use carriers with a history of success, therefore we limit the majority of our carriers to those who have been in business for more than 3 years.

Truck Movement is committed to our customers and freight carriers!  Truck Movement is geared toward quality customer service and prides itself in having consistent good communications with the customers and carriers to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

To date, Truck Movement has successfully delivered over 29,500 loads!


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